The Ferrari display was behind a glass fence, in order to keep out the peons such as myself. However, as I was taking this picture, two boys (one who looked to be about 16 and the other maybe 12) were escorted into the forbidden zone by a slick salesman hoping to get a piece of daddy's money, and walked right into my shot. Everyone behind the glass wall does the eye roll when the 12 year old kid slides into the drivers seat, and everyone is generally feeling a bit of jealous hatred towards these two chaps. The 16 year old stands up and some guy in the crowd yells "Oh my god, Joe Jonas, I love your music!" Everyone gets a nice belly laugh and the kid (who was not Joe Jonas by the way) may have even blushed. Oh, and that guy who yelled out, may have been me.... I'm just sayin' - charliesphotoblog